Gayatri Mantra

This site spreads the message of an important ceremony – “UPANAYANAM” for a Brahmin boy. It gives details of this wonderful and sacred function.

For a child the following occasions/functions will be conducted – Namakaranam, Annaprasanam, Akshrabhyasam and marriage. But for a male bhrahmin boy, the Upanayanam is an additional function/occasion which is very unique in nature. Upanayanam is an asset of a Brahmin boy. Parents should not postpone it according to their own wishes and convenience. Upanayanam of a son should not be conducted along with the marriage of his sister. Upanyanam is THE BASIC requirement for a Brahmin boy which give the right to perform any rituals/karmas at a later stage of life.


“UPA” means “EXTRA” and “NAYANAM” means “EYE”. Hence UPANAYANAM would mean gaining an EXTRA-EYE leading to opening of GYANA NAITRAM (attaining true wisdom).

It should be conducted in a Mandapam or in some similar place. It is preferable to conduct Upanayanam at one's own house. It is a holy function imbibing the child the powerful effect of Gayathri mantra.

The ceremony is performed when the boy is seven years old (Gharbheshu ashtame varshe). The child then becomes qualified for life as a student or Brahmachari, as prescribed in the Manusmriti.

Upanayanam should be conducted in 'Utharayana'. We should not adamant that Upanayanam can be conducted only during vacation of the boy after his exams. We should not postpone the upanayanam on lame excuses as the boy's age is an odd number or even number. It is against 'dharmasasthra' to say the boy's period is 'ahtamasani', 'ezharasani' or effortless GURU on referring horoscope. There is no connection between the time of Upanayanam and the present position of planets. Any position of the planet will stand in the way of conducting Upanayanam at the age of 8. In fact Upanayanam destroy a boy's bad period. 'Sandhya Vandanam' performed at young age will bring him bright future. Upanayanam can keep at distance all the ill effects of the planets.



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